Anti-virus measures and email disclaimer

Anti-virus measures

I cannot prove categorically that my systems are virus free.

To minimise risks I take the following measures.

1. I route all incoming email via a Google Mail account, which removes many viruses and worms before they can reach my system.

2. I have a current subscription to McAfee VirusScan Online on my own PC, which downloads regular updates, and scans programme files, document files, and incoming email attachments, as they are opened.

3. I use Thunderbird as my mailclient (it is believed to be less susceptable to email viruses than more commonly used products).

4. I send plain-text emails except on the very rare occasions when the formatting advantages of HTML justify its use.

Email disclaimer

Emails from me, and any attached files:

1. are intended only for the person, persons, entity, or entities to which they are addressed;

2. may contain confidential and/or privileged materials, which should not be retransmitted or otherwise disseminated.

If you receive an email in error from me, please let me know, and delete the material from your computer.

Thank you.

Last updated - 29/3/2008; © Seb Schmoller

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