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Pearson has been acquiring assets directly related to distance ed, as your post further indicates. They will likely be a major player and I agree that several of the smaller VLE vendors will be most threatened. The last thing I want is for the textbook publishers to further insinuate themselves into our learning offerings, but I'm sure that they have the exact opposite view about that than I do.

Must be good news.
1. European player in the market to act as bulwark against US suppliers.
2. Means that mergers and acquisitions are alive and kicking in e-learning - with Fronter sold on a very good multiple.
3. VLEs needs to and will consolidate, just as happened years ago with learning management systems in the commercial market. The education market is just a few years behind on all of this stuff.

A good move for Fronter, the ethos of a shared back end with five portals was never adopted by any other VLE that I have known. With the backing of Pearson, could become a major player in education. We always liked the idea from way back in the FERL conference days, but were also rather fond of moodle which has emerged as the major player, and not just because it is O/S.

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