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Thanks for the interesting names to follow. In related Android news, Novoda has been working closely with JISC; a funding body for IT/University partnerships promoting technological innovation in the UK. We have been helping identify interesting opportunities for Android but have found University uptake to be relatively slow. One interesting project we are currently working on is a form based application which is about to help a team of vets conduct medical surveys across 400 Cows & in over 50 farms in Tanzania! This Application has been developed as a partnership with the Royal Veterinary college, Novoda, Bloomsbury Colleges, JISC, and the London Knowledge Lab.

Please contact me and we could chat more about it, I and would love to hear of any more of Android developments within Academia.

UK Academia has not done this, but UK research has. Have a look at http://btrules.com

It's not Android, but it is open, graphical and community orientated.

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