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Hello Seb,

Yes, Google Translate can give good translations, specially if the text is optimised for machine translation. In an experiment, English text was translated into Spanish by Google Translate. Six professional translators evaluated the translation for fluency and for accuracy. The translation is satisfactory (http://www.international-english.co.uk/mt-evaluation-en-es.html).

Just thought I would copy paste the comments of Translator 1 who participate in that experiment. That would explain moer accurately the meaning of "Satisfactory" T1 said "Overall, I can more or less understand the general idea and some of the detail. However, some of the key words, examples and sentences do not make sense, appear to be contradictory, do not follow on logically or are unclear, so the point being made is somewhat lost and the reader gets a bit confused. Therefore, as a result, doubt creeps in as to the overall understanding."
I personnaly might find it satisfactory in order to have a general idea about the content of some document, but not to communicate with someone.

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