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Great interview! I was fortunately enough to work with Prof Jim Boyle many years ago at University of Strathclyde. Jim started using peer instruction well over a decade ago having seen the impact Eric's work.

At the time I became very familiar with the theory (and technology) used. Maybe I'm in different circles now but I sense the enthusiasm for this technique is on the wane (perhaps a result of lots of people implementing badly and then finding something different to do instead). What this interview highlights is through continued research new opportunities are emerging. So if you tried voting system/peer instruction before but gave up have a listen to this interview and decide if it might just be worth revisiting


Very good interview. Well worth doing. I'm attending ALT-C and hope he might relate this a bit more to online distance learning, particularly to how these techniques might be used to enhance MOOCs.

Excellent. Thanks! Apart from anything else it bodes well for ALT-C 2012.

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