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... doesn't 'Learning Technologist' sound somehow a bit boring compared to these titles? Is there any knowledge bank where one can read more about what kind of job was hidden behind a title for the cases where it isn't obvious?

This list is fascinating. But I wonder if assumptions that these professions have died out aren't a little premature. Some, I suspect, have simply been renamed. For example:

* Boot closer – personal security assistant;
* Clock cleaner – public relations adviser;
* Cutlery caster – promoter of innovative field sports;
* Fibre dresser – organic chef;
* File Hardener – investigative social security official;
* Galvanist – football manager;
* Gold beater – currency speculator;
* Hair drawer – trichologist specialising in inexpensive methods of hair replacement;
* Ivory flutterer – amateur pianist;
* Joiner’s tool grinder – recruitment executive;
* Overlooker – Secretary of State;
* Oyster dealer – handler of stolen London travel cards;
* Paper Ruler – Rupert Murdoch / Conrad Black / Robert Maxwell etc;
* Saw Parer – investigative journalist specializing in political scandals of a sexual nature;
* Tape printer – another type of investigative journalist;
* Tripe dresser – civil servant who writes education white papers.

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