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Just a note on this:

which includes an interesting if slightly speculative assessment of the number of learners

the Moodle numbers are gathered from actual site data, when you install or upgrade there is a button in the administrator's area that asked you to register your site and send your raw numbers to Moodle. These are then automatically displayed here:


Since Moodle is also Martin Dougiamas's PHD thesis project, he's pretty particular about accurate numbers;-).

Thanks Michael. I'm not particularly doubting the 19,000 Moodle installations. But I do think that the proportion of these that are live and active is pretty speculative. And is the number of learners generated from an active learner list, or from the number of learner accounts on a system? (This same question can of course be asked in relation to data for any LMS.) Seb 6 January 2007.

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