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Those Treasury people have got their tables in a twist. The UK has notoriously the longest working hours in Europe and the government insists on opting out of key parts of European
laws on maximum working hours. Meanwhile France has introduced the 35 hour week.

What this means is that 'GDP per hour worked' must be higher than 'GDP per worker' when indexed against the UK - but the chart shows it the other way round.

Thanks Doug. I reckon if you swap the colours in the legend round, the chart makes sense. Otherwise it is gibberish. Seb

Readers may also like to look at the ALI Chief Inspector's Report 2005-06 where he makes very specific reference to problems emerging in Train to Gain where assess-train-assess is being replaced by assess-assess-assess and the loss of educational value to learners as this new model is adopted.

The whole report is well worth looking at. Note the strap line "PHENOMENAL IMPROVEMENT IN ADULT SKILLS TRAINING - But constant change threatens further progress".


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