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Good luck with all of that.

Seb: I trust you are allowed time for a bit of feet-up and the occasional natter with Scouse visitors? Excellent/congratulations/good job(s) well done/well done generally/thanks/good luck/best wishes!

Good luck my friend...what about sitting on employment tribunals?

That'd definitely be interesting.

9 years?! Where did that go? Enjoy all those opportunities. I look forward to the writing.

Something interesting will be brought to your attention I feel sure! Looking forward to reading FM more regularly.

Good luck with all your plans :-)

If "Fortnightly Mailing" actually goes fortnightly it will bring down the government..... All the best Seb, it's been a delight working with you. Enjoy the "next stage".

Whatever you get up to I know it will be good ;-) Always a pleasure working with you Seb and I am sure we will find another vehicle in the future

all the very best


Seb - pleased that you are taking time for yourself. Delighted that you will continue with your mailings! Best wishes

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