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Infrequently asked questions

What do you charge?  My rates are negotiable, but as an indication of likely charges, I normally charge between £475 and £750 per day, exclusive of expenses, depending on the nature and duration of the assignment. Occasionally I work on a fully or part pro-bono basis, something that I have a bit more scope to do now that I receive an occupational pension.

Are you VAT Registered?  No. Since 2010/2011 my turnover has been below the VAT threshold, so in February 2011 I deregistered. Previously, my VAT Registration Number was 801 594 835.

Are you registered under the 1998 Data Protection Act?  Yes - Registration Number Z7089593.

Do you carry professional indemnity insurance?  Yes.

Can you supply a print-quality picture of yourself?  Yes.  Link to 750px 0.3 MB image in JPG format. Link to 3000px x 2000px 11 MB high resolution more formal image in TIF format.

How do you protect your computer - and emails you send out - against viruses?

1. I route all incoming and outgoing email via a Gmail account, which removes many viruses and other threats before they can reach my system or yours. There is however a downside to this (not that I think self-hosting my email system would make things much better without my going to lengths that would be on the edge of my comfort zone technically).

2. I have a current subscription to AVG on my own PC, which downloads regular updates, and scans programme files, document files, and incoming email attachments, as they are opened.

3. I use Thunderbird as my mailclient rather than, say, Outlook.

4. I send plain-text emails except on the few occasions when the formatting advantages of HTML justify its use.

Who hosts your web site?

For my main web site I use, and am very satisfied indeed with, Positive Internet. For Fortnightly Mailing I have used Typepad since March 2006. I particularly rate the standard and speed of Typepad's technical support.

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